Wine Enthusiast Magazine – Top 100 Value Wines of 09

Wine Enthusiast magazine has released their Top 100 list of value wines for 2009. What makes a wine a contender for their value list? The bottle price must be less than or equal to $15 dollars US and be rated at least 87+ points. As with most US based publications, there are several wines that we haven't encountered but we recognized a one of the top 10's that is available in Alberta. The Segura Vidas NV Brut Reserva is a Cava that we have reviewed and enjoy thouroughtly. It has an outstanding QPR (Quality Price Ratio) and if you are looking to celebrate life with some inexpensive bubbles, its tough to top. We found a remarkable number of Sauvignon Blancs on this list with one seemingly on each page. One other noteable varietal that was missing was Pinot Noir. We are always on the lookout for value Pinot and were optimistic a few might make the grade.

These lists make for handy guides at your next market visit. Download the list here. Happy hunting friends!