Wine Folly has us jolly!

Wine Folly is a great site that educates on everything wine. Not only do they educate through their interesting blog posts, but you can take wine courses online through them. WineCollective is blown away with the site, from how unique their posts are to how informative and intuitive their website is.

You could potentially spend hours reading their blog and filling your mind with useful information on wine. Check out their post about How to Choose a Bottle of Wine, so fun and enlightening. One blog post that is really interesting is the post on the Red Wine Headache, aka the RWH.


I am sure, if you have ever experienced this, you know exactly what they are talking about, the RWH is unfortunately renowned! Wine Folly explains simple steps to eliminate or lower the chances of that notorious “RWH”. The most practical way to avoid the RWH is to drink a glass of water with every glass of wine. Wine is so dehydrating, it isn’t the wine pounding in your head, it is the lack of water. Like Wine Folly says, “its easy to forget because you are drinking already”.

Anyways, this blog post could turn into a novel with how great Wine Folly is! Check it out, grow your knowledge on wine and have fun doing it!