Wine Tasting Etiquette

Image courtesy of Christina Snyder via Flickr

After attending a tasting at The Cellar recently, I though it might be relevant to bring up a few points around tasting etiquette. These aren't hard and fast rules, but are points of consideration if you are planning on attending a sit down tasting or wine appreciation event.

1. Avoid wearing perfume or cologne – This is enemy #1 as the additions of unnecessary fragrances can overload olfactory receptors. Let the wine be the star, not your latest designer fragrance.

2. Sample, don't shoot – Wine is something that should be appreciated and taking your sample and hammering it back isn't going to give you much (other than probably a hangover). In a world that is busy and full of distractions, this is an opportunity to expand your senses. Take your time, interact with the wine and get to know it.

3. Spitting is ok – When appreciating wine, discarding the sample into spit bucket is ok. If you have to drive, do this. If you are a host, provide a spit bucket to your guests. It's the responsible thing to do.

4. If you drink, don't drive – This one should go without saying but if you do decide to drink, don't drive. Take a cab, call a designated driver service or take transit. What ever method suits you, choose it as driving under the influence is a risk not worth taking.

These are just a few tips to help you enjoy your next wine tasting. If any of the readers have any others to add, please take the time and put in a comment. Have a great weekend.