Social Impact: Supporting Clean Water Initiatives

Partnering with Wine2Water

Through Wine2Water donations, they are able to create water systems that decrease travel to collect water for drinking, cleaning, bathing and more.

In 2021 we sought out a partnership that would have a great impact on people globally, as the world all went through the pandemic together. In searching for the right partnership, we learned about Canadian-based Acts for Water. One of their most notable programs caught our attention: Wine2Water. It wasn’t long before all of us at WineCollective were thrilled to make a donation to the Wine2Water program. Supporting clean water initiatives is well aligned with our ongoing social impact goals, and we’re excited to share more about this partnership.

How Wine2Water Works

Providing clean water to people facing water scarcity in East Africa.

Wine2Water has taken a complex issue – water scarcity in East Africa – and made it possible for wine businesses like WineCollective to bring water to the people. We chose to fund water for 10,000 people – all thanks to the support from our incredible members who trust us with their wine purchases every month. Wine2Water takes our donation and uses 100% of the money to fund their projects, including gravity flow water systems. These water systems allow:

  • Less travel for collecting water for drinking, cleaning, bathing, and more
  • Clean, trustworthy, consistent water supply
  • Long-term functionality from quality gravity flow systems
  • Equality, as women are 2x more likely to be the ones fetching water on long journeys

There are many reasons we chose to support Wine2Water and the above are just some of those reasons. We are proud to give a Canadian charity financial assistance to help the lives of so many Ugandan citizens.

WineCollective’s Social Impact

Single glass of red wine with vineyard and lake views blurred in the background

Since WineCollective first began back in 2009, it has been a priority for us to support local, national, and international charities. As we’ve grown over the years, this commitment has also grown with us. We are looking forward to many years of supporting causes small and large, just like Wine2Water. Without our members, this would not be possible. As you embark on your wine journey with us, we are very grateful you trust us to choose your wines and also invest in the future of people around the world.

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