WineCollective does Groupon!


Everyone here at WineCollective is excited to announce that we're working with Groupon!

We're offering a $45 subscription or gift credit at WineCollective for just $22! A perfect way to treat yourself to a WineCollective membership, or get your holiday shopping done early!

You can check out our Groupon page here.

If you're a Groupon Shopper who has already purchased a Groupon and is looking for more info, you should check out this welcome page! You'll be able to redeem your Groupon within a couple of days, but in the meantime decide which subscription is right for you.

And if you're a current WineCollective Member (we love you guys), you can get some Christmas shopping done early as well. Sign up for the Groupon and you can use it to purchase a gift, just as easily!