WineCollective expands shipments to all of Alberta

After enjoying substantial growth in Calgary, WineCollective is pleased to announced that starting immediately, we now have the ability to ship anywhere in Alberta! We’re excited about finally being able to welcome people in Edmonton, Red Deer and other Alberta cities to the WineCollective.

There will continue to be changes to the site over the next few weeks but this is what is happening:

  • There are now three base pricing zones. Zone one is Calgary and Lethbridge. Zone two is Edmonton and Red Deer. Zone three is Grande Prairie and Medicine Hat. We can ship outside the base pricing zones to rural areas, however additional shipping charges may apply depending on the location.
  • All shipping outside of Calgary (and some inside Calgary) will be conducted by DHL. Members that have a package shipped via DHL will receive an email with their tracking number and delivery date once the order has been shipped.
  • Prices have been revised to take into account the location where the package will be shipped.
  • Great news for current members: we guarantee there won’t be any changes to the prices of your packages for three months as you are grandfathered into the new system.

If anyone has any questions about the new service, the website or just generally please let us know.