WineCollective partners with Willow Park

Willow Park Logo

WineCollective is excited to announce a new partnership with Willow Park Wine & Spirits, Canada’s largest private wine, beer and spirits retailer. This new partnership will allow WineCollective exclusive access to Willow Park’s 5,000 unique and difficult to acquire wines. The partnership is effective immediately and the March delivery (going out on March 11th and 12th) is the first with Willow Park.

Current members of WineCollective don’t need to do anything, as their subscriptions will be transferred automatically. However, you will notice on your credit card statement that payment is now being made to Willow Park Online.

We look forward to becoming active within all of Willow Park’s many tasting and wine education events and encourage members to check out the new Willow Park Winter/Spring Events Program. (Checkout page 29 for a little press on us!)

If current or prospective subscribers have any questions about what this new partnership means to you, feel free to get in touch at 403.648.9094, or