Your WineCollective Dropstop

This year, in WineCollective Holiday Packages, we included a custom dropstop to assist you in serving all of the delicious wines you receive. In case you pulled the gift out from your shipment and sarcastically whispered, “thanks for the sticker,” we bring to you a step by step guide on using this small, yet handy tool.


Step 1. Whether the bottle is capped with a cork or screw top, open it up!


Step 2. Remove the dropstop from its packaging and roll it into a funnel.


Step 3. Stick the funnel shaped dropstop into the mouth of the bottle.


Step 4. Pour away! No need to twist the bottle at the end of the pour.


Step 5. Check out the bottle, and notice no drops down the label.

Step 6. Drink and enjoy!

Don’t be mistaken, your dropstop is reusable! Simply wash with mild soap and warm water and you’re ready to pour again!

You can find the WineCollective dropstop in store too for only $2.90 for club members!

We look forward to sharing with you details on all of the additional gifts added to WineCollective holiday packages. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog on Vines Magazine. Members gifted three months of wine or more, receive a complimentary year subscription to the publication, beginning in March!